Would Catholics follow a false gospel?

Someone once asked: Suppose His Holiness were to have a vision that Islam is the true and correct faith, and He were to broadcast this from the Vatican pulpit. Would droves of Catholics convert en masse?

This question has been asked elsewhere and it seems to think the Pope can change the faith once received (Jude 1:3). Which is not true.

It also, falsely assumes that the pope is an unquestioned leader who cannot be wrong, which Galatians 2:11–15 clearly shows is not the case.

One also has to wonder, using the issue concerning denying communion to a politician like President Biden, if the person asking really understands the Catholic faith at all.

I doubt anyone practicing the Catholic faith would practice any other religion on account of any Pope saying they should because of Galatians 1:6–8 forbidding the practice of a false religion, worship of a false god like “Allah”, nor follow a false gospel that is not currently part of the deposit of faith.

And those who do not practice the Catholic faith would not listen to such a Pope either, because they do not listen to the Church as is.